CO2 Neutral Shipping from Germany
CO2 Neutral Shipping from Germany

Oversized clothing from Gold's Gym 



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Grüne Oversize Bomberjacke von Gold's Gym. Grünes langärmeliges Oberteil mit orangem Innenfutter, gestickten Gold’s Gym Weight Plate Logo auf der Brust und hochwertigem Reißverschluss vorne und am linken Oberarm
Damen Weight Plate Bomber Jacket
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Oversized clothing from Gold's Gym 

It doesn't ger more casual than this: Oversize looks are always a statement. They are also incredibly comfortable and should not be missing from any wardrobe. You'll be state-of-the-art Gold's Gym iconic styles. 

So cool: Oversized T-Shirts for men and women 

Oversize is king: Not only in hip-hop but also in the gym. Big things have many advantages - are you ready for some convincing arguments? 

  • Pure comfort: It's hardly possible to have greater fredom of movement than in an oversized T-shirt or sweater. Whether for training for chilling out. 
  • Convenient for concealing: Oversized clothes allow you to descreetly cover specific parts of your body. 
  • Be part of the scene: Cool kids like you know they will always stay ahead of the game with plus sizes. 

Oversized hoodies for women - go for Gold's Gym 

After intense workouts, we girls want to wrap ourselves up in a long, warm hoodie. Oversize is the only real choice. But, then, who wants to squeeze themselves into a thight top when they are sweaty and exhausted? Precisely. 

An oversized hoodie is an absolute key item in every sports bag, just like regular women's hoodiesjoggerpants and sport sets & tracksuits for women. But, of course, we do also have plus sizes at Gold's Gym. 

Oversized hoodies for men: A must-have 

Are you going to the gym without oversized pullover? No way! With Gold's Gym casual clothing made from fluffy organic cotton, you'll be the most casual guy under the sun before, during and after training. However, beware, our oversize sweaters for men also tend to disappear into loved ones' closets! 

Check out our men's sports shirtsmen's T-shirts, sweatshirts and jogger pants to complete your sports wardorbe. 

Oversize for the planet 

You can also do more with less: Our oversized T-shirtshoodies and other clothes are made from organic cotton and produced fairly. Our supply chains are 100% transparent. We ship within 1-3 business days using less packaging material than befor and are climate-neutral.